Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Fitness Fanatics Perfect Gym

In this day and age everyone is trying to gain weight. Especially when it comes to lad culture gains are the backbone of your gym program. People are religiously using protein shake after protein shake to bulk up. It's no surprise that going to the gym and building up muscle ratio is a craze because quite frankly it's addicting. The blood pumping around your body is like a rush and the results you get are something to be greatly proud of. Here are a few of the best pieces of sports equipment you can use to bulk up and get in shape in your own personal gents only gym.

Purchasing dumbells can be justified straight away by the seemingly endless amount of excercises you can do. It's best to have a wide range of different weights to even out your weight gain, instead of having to buy various sets of dumbells why not just look for the best adjustable dumbells.

Most people make the arguement that a kettbell is pointless and that most movements can be done with a pair of dumbells. However there are some movements that are entirely individual to the kettlebell that are worth the money to add variety into your routine.
 Pull Up Bar
Ever seen the physique of a gymnast? They are toned to the t! And their success is all down to bar work. A pull up bar is not just for pull ups but for a number of different gymnastic excercises that can increase muscle growth and strenghth.

TRX was developed by a navy seal to keep up their fitness on the go. This makes TRX portable and easy but also a gruelling method of fitness and muscle building that your gym cannot be without.

 Boxing Bag
A boxing bag is a great way to vent some anger as well as build up msucle and improve stamina. With all that in mind it's no wonder a boxing bag is a great addition to a home gym.

 These are just a few basic piecesof equipment that would make great additions to a home gym and a fitness fanatics personal collection! So what are you waiting for?