Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cycling Mistakes You Could Be Making That Could Lead To Injury

How hard could cycling be? You get a bike, get on it and pedal, right? Simple! Yes those, perhaps, are the basic about cycling, but there’s still a lot to it that you are probably doing wrong. And the result? Injury of course! Now, we don’t want that, neither do you! So you read further so you get saved from committing these mistakes and avoid injury at the same time. In case you do injure yourself stay covered by cycling insurance companies like .
Not Inspecting Your Gear Before Cycling
Much like a car, it’s important that you inspect the bicycle for possible damage which could cause accident on the road and lead to injury.  Check for the tires, it should be properly inflated. Stem bolts and quick release wheel skewers must be tightened. Brake pads should be in good condition especially if the road is wet, and lastly the chains, if you see some wears that may cause the bicycle to not function at its best, replace it if necessary.
Not Unclipping From The Pedals Soon Enough
Sometimes, those split second accidents where a cyclist tumbles is due to unclipping from the pedals only when they’re about to stop instead of doing so as soon as they see the spot where they intent to stop while decreasing they’re speed.  Going slow without unclipping your foot or making an abrupt stop makes you prone to accidents.
Not Knowing The Right Time To Switch Gears
Those chain dropping or loss of momentum happens when a cyclist doesn’t know when he’s supposed to switch gears or knows but doesn’t until the last second.  Don’t wait when pedaling starts to get difficult, analyze the situation and decide accordingly.
Braking In A Corner
This one is the cousin of switching gears. Knowing the right moment to use your breaks can save you from a lot of corner turning accidents. This is what you do; before you enter the turns hit the brakes, and then release them once you’ve slowed to a more manageable speed. 
Not Eating Soon Enough
Cycling is a rigorous activity; your muscles are exerting a lot of energy to sustain that necessary speed and force for the cycling, especially if you’re doing it for competitive sport. Help your muscles recover faster by eating right away within the first hour after you ride.

Monday, 11 May 2015

How to Choose a Local Bike Rental Company

Renting a bike can be fun and exciting for all ages. Couples, groups, families or solo individual can find bike rental a fantastic experience. It is therefore necessary to be extra cautious when choosing a bike rental company because the wrong choice can ruin your biking experience. When you end up with the best bike rental company, you got to enjoy not just biking but also the views and amazing places. Biking is indeed an ideal way to explore and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
There are several bike rental companies offering rental services that may leave clients like you confused and overwhelmed. There are actually helpful tips that can help you choose the best rental bike company in your locality. Some of these tips are as follows:
  • Safety and Quality in Bikes
Go for a rental company that offers leading brands of bikes and ensure the safety of clients. The most ideal company stocks the most durable and comfortable style bikes for rent. The company also offers wide varieties of top quality bikes to choose from. There must be available bikes to accommodate unique biking needs of both adults and children. The company must be able to supply the necessary safety and ancillary equipment.
  • Cycling Experience
The best cycle experience is a guarantee that the bike rental company that you are hiring must give. The staff must ensure that the bikes fit the clients and that they have the necessary safety equipment. The cyclists also have the responsibility to adhere to the set rules on the road while using their rented bike.
  • Customer Service
The way on how a Santa Monica road bike rental company serves clients is a vital factor to be considered when choosing a company. Never hesitate to contact a bike rental company before renting a bike and get ideas as to what their customer service is really like. You must also read the terms and conditions carefully because there are some companies who adhere to different offers and payment options. Others might even require for minimum rental time or security deposit. All of these must be taken into consideration.
  • Availability and Accessibility
It is true that you can explore and consider bike rental companies in other places ( for instance) but considering bike rental companies that are close to you is a better option. Dealing with a local company is better so that in case you have problems with the bike you have rented, you can access and contact the company at once.
  • Cost
The cost of the bike rental service is always an essential factor given prior attention with when choosing a bike rental company. Check if insurance is included in the cost and if not, how much it would really cost you if you avail for the service. Bike rental companies sometimes offer reduced costs for group bookings and provide discounts for clients paying in advance or booking online. If you really wanted to get the best offers and deals, it pays to book earlier.
You can appreciate biking more if you end up with a bike rental company that provides everything you need. Follow these tips and you will surely find the best company that meets your unique needs and budget.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bubble Football is a trend that keeps on trending

You may have seen it about recently, the popularity of bubble football is growing by the day. The "sport" first started in Norway has now swept Europe and further afield, there's now even a league!

If you're unaware of what bubble football is exactly though, it's your standard game of football however you play whist in a giant inflatable plastic bubble, contact is encouraged though as high speed collisions are all apart of the fun for the player and for the viewer alike as you roll around on the floor.

However you don't need to start a team to get involved, there are many companies in the UK that actually rent the equipment for birthdays and other events.

I had my first experience of the sport recently at a team building exercise and it was such a laugh, I would highly recommend trying it out, even if you're not playing I couldn't help but laugh at just simply watching my other co-workers rolling about helplessly.

Friday, 27 March 2015

England predictions

England play Lithuania tonight, hopefully an easy victory for England and a couple of debut goals for Harry Kane. 

Hopefully England will having something to show this time, I always back the squad although it's getting a bit tougher now with the poor showing in the last few games and  at the World Cup. 

But I decided to put my money where my mouth is and even put a bet on thanks to the 888 promo code & Sky Bet promo code I found online. 

Looks like the bookies are backing England too as I'm not set to make the biggest return. 

With that said winning the bet will give me a free night out so I can’t complain too much, let’s hope I’ve not jinxed my chances.

What are your predicting for tonight’s result?

Friday, 14 November 2014

How to become a personal trainer

There are many routes in becoming a personal trainer, regardless of which route you take though one thing you need to do is get certified. 

Most health clubs will require you to be certified before taking you on, however those who have advanced qualifications have an even greater chance of being employed as well as the financial benefits you can get from having an advanced certification.

If you’ve decided that becoming a Personal Trainer is for you, here are some tips to help get you started.

Do you have the right attitude?  
By becoming a personal trainer not only will you need to be self disciplined and lead by example by living a healthy life, but look at yourself and think are you a leader creative, likable, professional disciplined and passionate about fitness, these are just some traits you should have when becoming a personal trainer.

Get the right training
You’ll need to find a great training course to get you ready to start taking on clients.
There are plenty of providers, however I would recommend they offer a fantastic course and can get you started and trained in just 5 weeks! 

Decide where you’d like to work
Starting out on your own or working within a health club, there are plenty of options for where to start.
Most would recommend starting in a club at first to learn how you’d like to work or if you aren’t business minded. 
However should you wish to go it alone, most clubs have a non-competition clause you would need to agree to so you do not leave and take all of your loyal clients with you.

Have Fun
Lastly make sure you have fun, becoming a personal trainer should be something you enjoy. Loving your job should rub off to your clients and help motivate them.
Finally when you see the results you’ve helped them achieve you’ll be smiling for days, one of the most rewarding jobs you can have.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

How team wear really boosted our moral

Studies show that when morale is high then you’re more likely to put more effort into tasks. 
So when my local badminton teams morale was dropping we decided to combat it by getting new personalised team hoodies made containing our team logo and name.
Having new team wear from My Personalised Hoodies made us, especially our newest member feel more apart of the team. As well as a morale boost it also made us feel like a bigger club, especially when going to matches and our oppositions team wear is looking a little tired compared.

Not only that but our performances improved too, now I can’t put this down to the new team wear but I like to think it may have contributed. 
So if your team need a bit of a morale boost I’d certainly recommend looking into new team wear.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Should The NFL have a London team

Does The NFL need to get a London team?

Last weekend I managed to experience my first NFL game at Wembley, seeing the Detroit Lions manage to just beat Atlanta Falcons 22-21.

Britain’s following of the NFL seems to be ever growing, with each game seeing attendances of over 80,000+ people, the NFL seems to bring a real buzz to the UK and whilst organisers have made their intentions known of a London based team, is this a good idea or not?

The first thing I noticed going to my first game was the atmosphere. In and around Wembley was buzzing, awash of people wearing NFL jerseys.
A study released today claims that the NFL coming to the UK would be worth over £100 million. But could British fans cope with the growing pains a new team would inevitably bring with it?

A new team is likely to have teething problems, would fans be willing to potentially watch a London team lose game after game. 

Something more important I fear though is could a London NFL team lose the spark we’re currently seeing with these yearly visits. The games feel more like celebrations of the sport, it doesn’t matter who you support on the day, it’s the togetherness these events bring and having a dedicated team is certainly going to spoil that atmosphere somewhat.
The NFL will more than likely get their own way in getting a team over here, I just sure hope they don’t ruin what’s a great experience we’ve seen at the previous 2 games recently.
image source: Twitter